What is OK2030? 

Tulsa at NightOklahoma is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. But across many national measurements of our economy, health, education and business climate, our state is not performing at the level it should be.

We must do better. The future of Oklahoma, the well-being of our citizens and the long-term success of our economy all depend on it. If we want a thriving state by the year 2030, decisive leadership and action are needed now. 

OK2030 is a strategic vision and action plan to improve Oklahoma’s economy, workforce, business climate and overall quality of life. 

A project of the State Chamber of Oklahoma Research Foundation, OK2030 is multi-year initiative that positions Oklahoma for long-term success across four foundations for our future. Together with a strong, statewide coalition of business leaders, job creators, local chambers, economic developers and visionaries, we’ll work to advance the future of Oklahoma through OK2030.

How does it work?

Guthrie, OklahomaAs part of the OK2030 strategic plan, we’ll gather input from business and community leaders across Oklahoma. In-depth interviews will be conducted with more than 100 thought leaders. We’ll also hold town hall and regional meetings throughout the state. In addition, people can share ideas and give input on the plan online. We’ll analyze this feedback and then develop a strategic plan and action items, with the input of our Steering Committee and Advisory Council. Over the next few years, the State Chamber will advocate for the changes needed to improve the prosperity and quality of life of Oklahomans.

What makes this plan different?

Glass Mountain, OKUnlike strategic plans focused solely on one city or community, OK2030 is a truly statewide initiative. And OK2030 isn’t just about envisioning a better future for Oklahoma—it’s about making that future a reality. We’ll leverage our strong relationships at the State Capitol and with the business community to convert the ideas from the OK2030 plan into legislation and meaningful change for our state. Read the OK2030 2019 Update

How can I get involved?

Tired of waiting for someone else to fix the issues facing Oklahoma? Join us in supporting change through the OK2030 initiative.

Sign up for email and event updates, contribute online, and share your input. We’ll keep you updated on new developments and progress toward our goals!


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